Things To Know About Systematic Withdrawals Plan (SWP)

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Systematic Withdrawals Plan

A SWP plan gives you the option to determine the amount and the frequency of withdrawals as per your need.


Cash Flow

A SWP plan can help provide regular cash needs for senior citizens.

cash flow

Types of Funds

Seniors can explore conservative hybrid funds, balanced advantage funds, etc., as per their risk and financial profile.

Types of funds


With uninterrupted cash flows through a SWP plan, senior Citizens can transition to retirement smoothly.

Flexible option

Additional Income

If you already receive a monthly pension from your previous job, the returns from the SWP plan will be an additional income.

Profit Margins

Financial Discipline

Taking full control of your finances from reinvestment to risk and reward evaluation, a SWP plan can foster financial discipline and financial security

Financial safety

Transfer Of Interest Income

If the market does well then the asset's net value will rise, ensuring a higher fund value, regular income and buffer against volatility.\

Compiled By Himani Verma

Interest income

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