Investment Options For Seniors And What To Consider

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Choose The Right Product

Choosing the right financial products based on your needs, lifestyle, health, and risk appetite is the key to success.

Right Instrument


Seniors should consider the liquidity of the instruments, keeping in mind the cash needs during an emergency.


Lock-In Period

Seniors or super seniors should look for short- to medium-term investments for returns.

Lock-in period

Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposit (FD) plans have no age limit, are short-term and offer a prefixed guaranteed return, typically higher for senior citizens.


Post Office Time Deposits

Post-office time deposits are short-term investments between one and five years and offer rates based on the selected duration.

Post office investments

Mutual Funds

Senior citizens can choose a mutual fund plan based on their risk-taking ability. MFs usually offer higher returns than guaranteed plans.

Dynamic Mutual Fund

National Savings Certificate

NSC has a five-year lock-in with no upper age limit for investments. It offers an annual interest of 7.7 per cent with compounding benefits. 

Compiled By Himani Verma


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