8 Tips To Build A Foolproof Retirement Plan?

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Plan A Roadmap

Consider your current age, retirement age, investing tools, present and future income, etc., to build a robust plan.

First step is planning

Start Investing

Start investing in appropriate instruments that provide long-term good returns to achieve the goal as soon as you begin your career.


Invest Regularly

Maintain investment discipline regardless of how much you can invest, as you can work your way up when your income improves.

Start with small


When you are young, you can take more risks, so you may go for high-risk, high-reward instruments and gradually reduce them as you age.



Invest in different assets like SGBs, mutual funds, equities, debt instruments, etc., to diversify and reduce risks to your portfolio.

Diversify Investments

Cash Flow

Ensure regular cash flows from your investments after you retire.

cash flow

Emergency Fund

Create an emergency for medical and other emergencies.

Emergency Fund

Keen An Open Mind

Explore new opportunities in the market and educate yourself as you move up the investment ladder.

Compiled By Himani Verma

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