8 Lessons To Draw From AB De Villiers' Early Retirement

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The Cricketer

AB de Villiers is a South African cricketer who retired from the game in May 2018 after an accident at home that left him nearly going blind.


Think Ahead

If you wish to retire early, you must think and plan your retirement as soon as your career starts.

Planning in Advance

Be Decisive

You need to be highly decisive and be ready to take drastic measures in serious situations, mainly regarding finance.

Decision Making Skills

Make A Roadmap

Design your own success roadmap by identifying your needs, wants and all other things you want to achieve.

Tracking your success


You must know your risk tolerance to choose a suitable investment tool. If you want to take less risks, choose instruments with lower risks.

Investments Instruments

Health Plan

Avoid unnecessary debt for financial security, and buy a customized health plan.


Spend Wisely

Keep an account of your money in a journal to determine which are necessary and which are unnecessary.

Economic Spending


Early retirement may put pressure on your finances, so it's crucial to consider alternative income sources to maintain cash flow.

Cash Flow

Separate Funds

It is vital to keep an emergency fund to protect your retirement corpus.

Compiled By Himani Verma

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