8 Things To Know About Senior Citizens Card

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What Is A Senior Citizens Card?

It is issued to seniors above 60 to help them enrol in government welfare schemes. 

Government Schemes

Application Process

Seniors can apply for the card via state government websites or at state "sewa kendras" by filling out a form. 

Application Portal


The card acts as an identity card, eliminating the need to show an Aadhar card or PAN Card to avail of benefits.

Government identity proof


Seniors can subscribe to various welfare schemes and investing tools using this card to avail of benefits like higher interest on FDs, etc.

Additional Interest

Tax Exemptions

By confirming their identity through this card, seniors can avail of various tax benefits reserved for them.

Tax Benefits

Travel Discounts

Using the card, they can also avail of travel discounts on railways and airlines.

Travel discounts

Healthcare Discounts

Government hospitals provide discounts to senior citizens, who can easily avail of the benefits by producing this card.

Healthcare Benefits

Other Benefits

Those who don't have the financial means to sustain themselves can avail of old-age home services by showing the card.

Compiled By Himani Verma

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