7 Ways To Beat Inflation In Retirement

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Choose Investment Wisely

Know your risk-bearing capacity before choosing your investments.

determine risk tolerance


When the return is lower than the prevailing inflation rate, it is a negative real rate of return, so risk appetite is equal to your returns.

Return on investment


Diversify the investment portfolio with different asset classes to lower the risk and generate a higher return.

Diversified Investments


Manage expenses with the returns earned on your accumulated corpus post-retirement.

Expensive Habits

Wealth Preservation

Safeguarding wealth is critical post-retirement, so choose investments wisely to minimise losses.

Expense control vs more investment

Asset Allocation

Allocate assets based on your risk appetite and return expectations.

Fund Allocation with respect to risk appetite

Passive Income

Look for ways to generate passive income to replenish the corpus and beat the inflation pressure.

Passive Income

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