7 Reasons To Include Debt Instruments In Retirement Planning

Sanjeeb Baruah

Debt Instruments

Debt instruments include debt MFs, FDs, NPS, PPF, and other small savings schemes.

Debt Options available

Risk Management

Debt instruments balance risks and rewards in a portfolio, which is essential for making any realistic plan toward achieving goals.

Efficient Risk Management

Balanced Portfolio

Balancing debt instruments with other asset classes is critical to constructing a resilient retirement portfolio tailored to individual needs and risk tolerance.

Balancing your investment portfolio


Debt lends stability to the portfolio besides asset diversification.

Stability in retirement years

Wealth Preservation

Debt instruments help preserve wealth; post-retirement, people shift towards debt assets for guaranteed income and investment safety.

preserving wealth V/S creating wealth

Who Should Invest

Investors should invest depending on their disposable income, risk appetite, and life stages.

Consideration before making an Investment


Long-term debt funds might carry higher interest rates and credit risks than ultra-short-term debt funds.

Compiled By Himani Verma