8 Things To Know About Madhu Babu Pension

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Government Initiative

The Odisha government launched the Madhu Babu Pension scheme for the state’s economically marginalised people in 2008. 

Odisha government

Merger Of Two Former Schemes

It was launched by merging two previous schemes, old-age and disability pension schemes, to reach out to more beneficiaries.

Combination of 2 Former Policies

Regulatory Body

The State Social Security and Disability Department monitors this welfare and development scheme.

Regulatory body


It was launched to provide a dignified life to senior citizens and other needy people by ensuring financial security.



The beneficiary must be a resident of Odisha with an annual income of Rs 24,000 or less. AIDS, leprosy and handicapped patients are also eligible.

Beneficiary: Seniors & Disabled


It is applicable, provided they do not receive pension and other financial aid from any central or state government schemes.

Pension Guideline

Documents Required

They must submit proof of income during the application process.

Income Proof

Pension Amount

Seniors aged between 60 and 79 years receive Rs 500 monthly and super seniors aged 80 and older receive Rs 1,000 monthly.

Compiled By Himani Verma

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