6 Expenses Seniors May Not Need To Incur Post-Retirement

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Commuting Costs

Expenses on public transport, vehicle fuel, etc. will significantly reduce after retirement.

Fuel and Transport Fare In Commute

Office Expenses

Expenses on attire, stationary, books, journals, etc., will reduce as they spend more time at home.

Expenses On Office Wear

Children Expenses

Individuals in their 40s and mid-50s typically spend more on children’s education; post-retirement, such expenses may stop.

School/ College Tuition

Home Loan

Home loan-related expenses may be reduced or stopped as people mostly buy homes during their active years.


Save On DIY Costs

During working years, people pay helpers for services like carwash, gardening, etc.; after retirement, they can do these tasks themselves and save money.

Saving On Small Services


Keeping an account of your spending can help you cut unnecessary expenses post-retirement.


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