JanSamarth Portal: Everything You Need To Know

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What Is JanSamarth Portal

JanSamarth Portal is an online platform bridging lenders and beneficiaries, facilitating loans for education, agriculture, business, and livelihood.

Education Loan

Digital Pathway 

JanSamarth Portal streamlines the process of getting government loans, offering a digital pathway for citizens to compare loans from different lenders across the mentioned four categories.

Digital Pathway

Core Objective

The core objective of this portal is to promote inclusive growth and development of various sectors by guiding and providing them with the right type of government benefits through simple and easy digital processes.


How To Apply For Loans

The first step is to visit the Jansamrth.in website and register with a mobile number. This is followed by checking and selecting the preferred loan scheme on the homepage.

How To Apply

Understand the Scheme Details

Understand scheme details by checking the eligibility, then check the recommended loan scheme, EMI and loan period. After selecting, the portal directs to the bank's website where the application process is completed and loan track is maintained through the JanSamarth portal.

Scheme Details

Revolutionising Access To Credit

JanSamarth Portal stands as an intuitive tool backed by advanced technology, simplifying subsidy eligibility checks and recommending the best schemes for the applicant.

Compiled by Syed Muskan

Access To Credit

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