8 Things To Know About Hedge Funds

Himani Verma

What is A Hedge Fund?

Hedge funds can effectively manage risks that a traditional buy-and-hold investment strategy cannot.

Pooling Inestment


Large hedge funds may face constraints due to the differing liquidity characteristics of public assets.


Risk Management

The underlying issuers can be hedged in similar ways to public issuers, allowing for efficient investment.

Efficient Risk Management

Capital Source

Hedge funds are the latest source of capital for new startups; however, their participation is indirect.

startup Capital Source

Market Volatility

Hedge funds protect investors from market volatility.

Solution to market volatility

Best Options

Hedge funds look for best investing options, reducing risk of loss.

Picking Best Options


Hedge funds are obligated to maintain transparency and ensure investors financial needs.

Obligations To The Investors

Diversified Portfolio

Hedge funds diversify your investment portfolio, reducing the impact of market volatility.

Diversified portfolio

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