Wedding Insurance: All You Need To Know

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Wedding Insurance

A wedding insurance is a type of accident insurance. In this, one covers financial losses related to the wedding day. One can receive compensation for loss or any additional expenses if the wedding gets cancelled.


What All Is covered?

Wedding insurance covers cancellations or postponements due to reasons, such as natural disasters, or death in the family. Additionally, it covers costs if the bride, groom, or any family member gets sick or injured during the wedding.

Insurance cover

Types: Cancellation Or Postponement Insurance

This insurance covers situations, such as the wedding getting cancelled or postponed.

Liability Insurance

This covers any injuries or property damage caused to anyone during a wedding function.

Jewellery Insurance:

It protects one from any loss in case jewellery gets damaged or lost during the wedding.

Jewellery Insurance

Photography and Videography Insurance: 

This insurance covers losses incurred if the photographer or videographer refuses to provide services at the wedding. 

Videography Insurance