Instant Motor Claim Settlement Via WhatsApp: All You Need To Know

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Instant Motor Claim Settlement

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company offers instant motor claim settlements for customers through WhatsApp. It uses AI-enabled inspection technology to provide customers with quick and seamless claim solutions to enhance motor claim settlement processes.

1. It Consists Of: AI Chatbot

The company has embedded an AI-enabled inspection technology on its WhatsApp chatbot which allows the users to get an instant motor claim settlement.

AI Chatbot

2. Damages Cover

Minor damage claims such as dents, scratches, etc. can also be settled through this feature.

Motor Damage

3. Sum Insured

Customers can get claims settled up to Rs 20,000 under Instant Motor Claim Settlement Via WhatsApp.  


How to register the claim? Step 1

One can start by connecting on the official WhatsApp number, or contact customer care. After registration, one gets a link via WhatsApp for digital inspection photo upload and a digital claim form to initiate the process.


Step 2. Settlement Amount

If and once damages are accepted, the customer is offered a settlement amount in his/her bank account.

Settlement Amount