Insurance: Types Of Health Covers Against Cancer

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Cancer Cases

On World Health Day 2024, Apollo Hospitals released a ‘Health of Nation’ report labelling India as the “cancer capital of the world”, citing alarming rates of non-communicable diseases. It said it had identified a troubling surge in this non-communicable disease. 


Cancer Surge

The the report said that the average age of breast cancer diagnosis in India was 52, significantly lower than 63 in the West. Similarly, for lung cancer, the average age of diagnosis at Apollo Hospitals stood at 59 years. Further, 30 per cent of colon cancer patients were aged under 50 years.


Critical Illness Policies

In India, insurance companies offer critical illness insurance policies either as standalone policies or add-ons to existing health or life insurance schemes.

Illness Policies

Standalone Critical Illness Policies

Standalone critical illness policies cover comprehensive cancer care and typically span over 40 specific ailments. While regular health insurance plans primarily address the hospitalisation expenses, a separate critical illness policy covers any related costs related to the treatment involved.


Specific Riders For Cancer

If one cannot afford a critical illness policy, he/she can also go for cancer-specific critical illness riders. Opting for such riders at a younger age offers good protection against cancer at a fairly low premium. 

Cancer Riders

Cancer-Specific Insurance Plans

To address the unique financial challenges posed by cancer, many insurance companies have introduced specific cancer insurance plans. The treatment may require multiple hospitalisations, surgeries and chemotherapy. These policies cover all types and stages of cancer and offer a lump sum amount upon diagnosis.

Compiled by Syed Muskan

Cancer-Specific Insurance

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