8 Tips Seniors Should Consider For Mutual Funds Investment

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Equity Funds

They come with higher risks with potentially higher returns, subject to the performance of the funds' underlying assets.

Equity Funds

Debt Funds

These funds have relatively low risk with low returns, as the chance of a default is minimal.

Debt Funds

Hybrid Funds

These funds have lower risks than equity-oriented mutual funds, but returns are suppressed because of the debt component.

Hybrid Funds

Solution-Oriented Funds

It allocates funds to low-risk assets with the potential for decent returns to help you build the desired retirement corpus.

Low-risk assets


Inflation can erode your mutual fund returns.


MF Selection

Choose a solution-oriented mutual fund scheme or a regular MF plan, keeping your retirement goals in mind.

Mutual Fund Scheme

Prioritising Investments

As you get closer to retirement, gradually switch your investments from equities to debt-oriented funds.


Consider Risks

Consider your risks and financial needs before choosing mutual fund schemes.

Compiled By Avijit Gupta