8 Things To Consider Before Moving To A Smaller City

Outlook Money

Living Cost

The cost of living is lower in small cities compared to the metros.

Cost Of Living


You will need social connections, so check if you have friends and family nearby.



Check for healthcare access, like good hospitals or medical facilities in the city you are moving to.


Job Opportunities

Research the local job market. Smaller cities may have limited job opportunities in certain industries.

Employment Opportunities


Evaluate the local transportation options, including public transit, road infrastructure, and traffic patterns.

Public Transit


If pollution bothers you, you can look for a greener city to spend your old age.


Professional Growth

Assess whether the smaller city offers opportunities for career advancement and professional development.

Professional Growth

Quality Of Life

Consider if the city provides the amenities, recreational activities, and cultural experiences you desire.

Compiled By Avijit Gupta

Quality Of Life