8 Things You Need To Know About STPs

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What Is A Systematic Transfer Plan?

STP is a useful tool for portfolio rebalancing and capital transfers from debt to equity, and vice-versa.

Systematic Transfer Plan


It allows you to transfer funds at your convenience, switch between debt and equity-based funds based on market volatility.


Fixed STP

Fixed STP option will help you to transfer a fixed amount from one scheme to another on a regular basis.

Fixed STP

Capital Appreciation STP

It allows you to stay invested in a fund and reinvest the profits in a different scheme.

Capital Gains

Swing STP

It enables investors to establish a target market value for their investment in the target scheme on each transfer date.

Achieving Target Market

Market Volatility

STP is a helpful strategy to avoid market volatility.

Providing Financial Stability

Risk Management

STPs maximise the benefits of rising or falling interest rates and help mitigate risk.

Mitigating Risk


Opt for STP only if you have a sizable amount of money to invest that you won't need anytime soon.

Compiled By Himani Verma

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