7 Things To Consider In Retirement Planning

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The retirement concept is hugely underserved in the Indian market despite its significance as people’s longevity increases.



Most people don’t take retirement planning seriously when young and focus on short-term needs, ignoring the next 30-40 years post-retirement.


Needs Assessment 

Retirement planning is a complex and serious process that requires a proper assessment of needs and wants.


Accumulation and Monetisation

The longer you give to the accumulation phase, the better the monetisation capability; the key is to beat inflation.



Choosing the right investment vehicle is critical. But what is more important is to consider the post-tax inflation scenario.


Equities In Accumulation Phase

In the accumulation phase, one should add equities in the portfolio for long hold, not just fixed-income assets.

Equity Funds

Start Investing Early

Take advantage of compounding by starting the investment journey early and minimise the volatility risk.

Compiled by Himani Verma.

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