Things To Do If You Default On Home Loan Repayment

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Default On Home Loans

Missing home loan EMIs can lead to default, bank penalties, credit score decline, and property auction.

Default on Home Loans


If you retire while still serving a home loan, you have a greater chance of defaulting on your loan repayment.


Liquidate Investment 

Create a low-priority corpus to liquidate funds for loan repayments. Ensure timely repayment of future loan EMIs to avoid bank action.

Liquidating the investments

Selling Assets

Consider selling an asset you do not currently use, such as gold jewellery or a car, etc., to buy some time for the next EMI.

selling an assets


Restructuring your loan terms by increasing the tenure and decreasing the EMI amount can get you relief on payments.

restructuring/ renegotiating

Getting A Moratorium

Getting a moratorium would give you a few months' break on EMI repayments.  


Debt Advisor

You may get in touch with a financial advisor for a more specific solution. 

Help from an advisor

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