Know About These Three Charges Before Investing In Crypto Currencies

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Investing in Crypto Currencies

Cryptocurrency is a type of virtual currency which is mined by solving complex equations on a computer. In India, there is an increasing attraction among investors for investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 


How To Invest In Crypto

For investing in crypto, one has to start by signing up on the official website. This is followed by email verification and filling in personal details like country and address. After this the account is verified and one can make purchases in crypto and pay for it from a bank account.

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Charges on Crypto Trading

The charges include the Exchange Fees that have to be paid to complete crypto buy or sell orders. Most cryptocurrency exchanges in India have a fixed fee model, but the final cost of the transaction depends on the platform on which the transaction is completed. 

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Network Fees

Network fees are paid to cryptocurrency miners. These miners verify and validate any transaction through powerful computers and add it to the blockchain.


Wallet Fees

Cryptocurrency is kept in a digital wallet similar to an online bank account. In most wallets, no fees are charged for the deposit and storage of cryptocurrency, but fees have to be paid for withdrawing or sending it somewhere. 

Compiled by Syed Muskan