How To Protect Yourself From KYC Fraud?

Meghna Maiti

What Is KYC Fraud?

Scammers trick customers into sharing their bank KYC details for fraud.

What Is KYC Fraud?

Forms Of KYC Fraud

Types of KYC Fraud

KYC Request

Scammers impersonating bank officials contact customers to steal KYC details.

Posing for Fake KYC


Fraudsters trick customers into updating KYC details through bogus links sent via SMSes and OTPs for scams.

Phishing Messages/Emails

Identity Theft

Criminals use someone else's identity for financial scams and other criminal activities.

Theft of Sensitive Bank Information


Scamsters send messages disguised as reputable sources to steal customers' sensitive information for fraud.

Malicious Messages

How To Avoid KYC Fraud?

How to Prevent Fraud?

Malicious Calls & Emails

Don't entertain spam calls or open messages and emails that may contain viruses. 

Spam calls & Emails

Check Account Activity

Check account details daily, update contact details, KYC with banks, and use secure devices and networks.

Track Account Activities

Avoid Opening Unknown Links

Never open attachments sent via SMS or emails from unfamiliar or unknown sources.

Compiled by Himani Verma

Clickbait attachments/Links

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