COVID-19 And The Future Of Work

COVID-19 And The Future Of Work
COVID-19 And The Future Of Work

While we yet do not know how, but one thing is for sure that the novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 is going to change our lives in ways we never thought was possible.  The way businesses operate, the way we travel and also the way we work are some of the things that are going to change dramatically in a post—COVID-19 world. 

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed his views on how the Coronavirus is going to redefine business and culture and he urged the industry to adapt to the new paradigm. 

We look at ways in which your work is likely to change in after the pandemic is over. 

Work-From-Home Will Be The New Norm

The new lifestyle of work-from-home has already started but till a vaccine is developed, the Coronavirus is going to stay in some form or the other, so will work from home, at least for jobs where it is possible. The number of people allowed inside office is going to reduce for sure. 

However, a Gartner study found out that 54 per cent of Indian companies lack resources to allow work-from-home. Your employer is likely to provide you with a better work from home infrastructure, laptops, a reliable Internet connecting, microphones and backup. The idea would be to invest more in a work -from home set up. And when employers invest in this, work from home may become a new norm even after the pandemic is over. 

Latest Technology Will Redefine Workplace

Most of us are already used to video meetings. Companies are going to invest in newer technologies that make work from home more functional and productive. This would include video conferencing subscriptions and new equipment.  At the same time, there is likely to be more investment in security, so that data and information is not compromised. 

Offices will also depend more on technology and have touch less and voice based entry and exit systems so that employees are lesser chances of being infected. 

Your Workplace Is Likely To Have A New Look

With more people working from home, the need for real estate will decrease. However, new social distancing norms are likely to be in place for employees who have to go to office. You can also expect your office to be sanitised more frequently. 

The cramped cubicles we are so used to might make way for spaced out work spaces. In fact, be prepared to sit at some distance from your colleagues when you have a meeting. Even co-working spaces which work on the concept of shared desks and amenities would lead to more segregated and private places. 

Employers Might Become More Supportive

With work-from-home becoming a norm, employers will have to provide you support for a work from home environment. Human resource departments would have tough time keeping up the moral and productivity of workers. Companies are even likely to provide tele-health consultations for their employees. Even counselling sessions may be offered to keep employees in good spirits. 

So, you can expect your employer to take more care of your physical and mental well being going ahead.  

We still do not know how the pandemic is going to pan out. However, one thing is for sure, work life will never be the same again. Let’s gear up for change! 

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