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Quant Mutual Fund Says CFO Change Was Decided Before Sebi Investigation
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Quant Mutual Fund clarified that the CFO change was decided before Sebi's investigation. Read on to know more if investors have anything to worry about
Quant Mutual Fund
Shashi Kataria has over 20 years of experience in various financial segments like accounting, audits, direct and indirect taxation, financial reporting and management information systems
Sebi-Appointed Group Proposes To Increase Lot Size In F&O Trading
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Here are changes in futures and options trading proposed by Sebi appointed expert derivative panel. Read on to know its larger impact on financial markets.
Outlook Money
Sebi seeks public feedback on proposed amendments to the master circulars for REITs and InvITs to clarify the nomination rights of directors.
Sebi appointed an expert working committee to tackle the problem of excessive speculation, which has been fueled by high levels of retail participation in recent years
Sebi Expert Group To Consider 7 Proposals On Table For Short-Term Measures To Tame F&O Frenzy
Sebi appointed expert group would recommend short-term strategies to bolster investor protection and improve risk metrics in this market segment
As per Sebi, Hindenburg published a report titled 'Adani Group: How the World's 3rd Richest Man is Pulling The Largest Con in Corporate History' on January 24, 2023, during pre-market hours
Sebi Sets Deadline For Brokers To Install Mechanism
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Starting from January 2025, Sebi said stockbrokers should have an institutional mechanism to prevent market abuse. Read on to know more.
Adani Hindenburg Saga
The recent clash between Hindenburg and Sebi has spotlighted Kingdon Capital as a new player in the Adani and short-seller firms' saga
Investors Can Buy Bonds Now For Just Rs 10,000
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Sebi reduced the face value of privately placed bonds from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10,000. Read on to know more about its impact.
Sebi Issues Uniform Charge Circular To MIIs
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After Sebi's diktat of uniform charges for all brokers, Zerodha hinted that it may end the zero brokerage system or increase brokerage for futures and options
Sebi is now planning to level the playing field by ensuring that everyone pays the same fees, regardless of trading volume
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