Handpicked Deals & Offers of the Week

Searching for offers in the vast expanse of the internet can be difficult and time-consuming, so we do it for you
Handpicked Deals & Offers of the Week
Handpicked Deals & Offers of the Week

The web is a great place to shop and save if you know where to look. This is why we have decided to collect the most convenient online offers of the moment every week. 

Nykaa's Independence Day Sale

Sale Date: 11th August 2021 to 19th August 2021

India’s favorite beauty shopping destination Nykaa is hosting an Independence Day sale during which a plethora of deals and discounts will be up for grabs. You can not only stock up on beauty essentials but also indulge in some luxury items.

  1. Up to 50 per cent off on makeup from Maybelline New York

    Manufacturing and selling cosmetic products since 1915, Maybelline is renowned for offering neutral colors to match any style. Gifting lipsticks with multiple shades and finishes to the cosmetic industry never ceases to renew itself and follow the trends of the moment.

  2. Up to 20 per cent off on Olay Products

Olay was created in 1950 by chemist Graham Wulff as a gift for his wife who had become frustrated with the thick, waxy creams that were available at the time. Since then, the brand has enjoyed worldwide success and its products have proven to achieve dramatic improvements to the skin's appearance with their innovative formulas. Olay products provide effective cleansing, anti-ageing, and anti-wrinkle solutions for modern women.

  1. Up to 60% off on BaByliss appliances

    The Babyliss brand became famous thanks to its first product, the curling iron, invented by French hairdressers, René Lelièvre and Roger Lemoine in 1960. In 1995, the French brand was sold to the American group Conair. It has since greatly expanded its product lines while remaining around the world of beauty.                                            

  2. Up to 30% off on skincare products

    Skincare not only means taking care of the health and beauty of your skin but also treating yourself to a personal moment of relaxation and well-being. Choosing the right products is essential for a luminous and hydrated complexion and a body that always looks well-groomed and healthy. Nykaa, on the occasion of its Independence Day Sale, offers a selection of items at really discounted prices.

  3. Up to 30% off on natural beauty products

    The beauty products normally on the market, almost always very rich in silicone substances (synthetic substances derived from silicon and not dermo-related) give the skin an immediate effect of softness and silkiness. The skin immediately appears smooth and very hydrated. Unfortunately, this is only an immediate and fictitious effect. In reality, constant and prolonged use of products with silicones and petrolatum leads to anything but good and healthy results for our skin. It is, therefore, better to shift our attention to natural products for the body, preferably organic, rich in precious plant active ingredients.

Other offers to look out for

  1. Up to 50% off on noise-canceling headphones on Amazon India

    When we talk about noise-canceling headphones we refer to headphones suitable for those who want to listen to music without particular distractions. By using these innovative avant-grade headphones you will be able to concentrate entirely on what you are listening to. 

  1. Up to 60% off on exercise bikes on Amazon India

    An exercise bike is a tool very similar to a bicycle used for training at home, ideal for activating the leg muscles, firming the lower body area, and fighting cellulite. In fact, it allows you to get all the positive effects of cycling. They are great for home fitness because they are easy to use and take up little space. The benefits for those who want to lose weight are numerous: calories are burned (about 245 with only 30 minutes of moderate-intensity training), fat deposits are fought and the heart and the muscles of the legs and back are strengthened.

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