CBDT Overhauls Income Tax Website: Know The New Features

The Income Tax Department introduced a revamped website with improved features to enhance user convenience and compliance. Learn more.
CBDT Overhauls Income Tax Website: Know The New Features
CBDT Overhauls Income Tax Website: Know The New Features

The Income Tax Department, on August 26, 2023, announced the revamping of its website, www.incometaxindia.gov.in, to boost the user experience with improved interface and features. The website’s better design, functionalities and features aim to increase taxpayers’ convenience.

Website’s New Features

The website boasts an aesthetically redesigned, mobile-responsive layout. It introduces a user-friendly “Mega Menu” loaded with new functionalities and features, the CBDT said in a press release. The I-T Department said the website also has a virtual tour feature to guide users of the functionalities and “button” indicators.

The users can easily check various tax acts, sections, rules, and treaties. All the content on the platform is tagged with relevant IT sections, simplifying navigation. Further, “dynamic due date” alert functionality provides reverse countdowns, tooltips, and links to relevant portals to help taxpayers.

Upcoming Deadline Alerts

The website also has a section providing a tax calendar or upcoming tax deadlines. For instance, it will show the August 30, 2023, deadline to submit Form 26QE, 26QC and 26QD. Form 26QE is submitted to report tax deductions when transferring virtual digital assets. These forms should be submitted within 30 days of tax deduction at the close of the respective month.

For those with an annual business turnover under Rs. 1 crore or professional receipts below Rs. 50 lakh, it’s crucial to submit Form 26QC post a 5 per cent tax deduction from rent exceeding Rs. 50,000 per month. Similarly, Form 26QD must be submitted for 5 per cent tax deductions from payments made to contractors, agents, brokers, or professionals.

The Income Tax Website

The income tax website has a comprehensive repository of tax and related information. It provides access to information on tax laws, acts, rules, IT circulars and notifications, all cross-referenced and hyperlinked. Also, a “Taxpayer Services Module” equips users with diverse tax tools to help them file their income tax returns.

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