Travellers Seeking Out The Best Travel Deals! Some Awaiting Last-Minute Deals, Reveals Research

There are hidden savings people need to be aware of to have a budget trip this summer. Read on to find more.
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Data from Skyscanner’s latest research, in association with OnePoll, highlights that over 78 per cent of Indian travelers are planning to get away this summer but 39 per cent are yet to book.  Furthermore, indecision on dates (51 per cent) and destination (50 per cent) rank the top reasons why travelers have yet to hit the book button.  Indian travelers are on a mission to snag the ultimate bargain with 47 per cent actively seeking out the best deals, and a further 20 per cent waiting for last-minute steals, according to Skyscanner research. Data comes from the OnePoll survey commissioned by Skyscanner. It took place in April 2024 with 2000 respondents.

Mohit Joshi, travel and destination expert at Skyscanner said, “Forget travel myths and outdated advice - there are hidden savings just waiting to be discovered, that most people are not aware of. At Skyscanner, we’ve crunched massive amounts of data to uncover these secrets – not based on rumors but on real travel behavior and demand.”

Moreover, with the trend of #loudbudgeting sweeping across the globe, 59 per cent of Indian travelers are opting for a more vocal approach to budgeting for their summer getaway this year. 

Cheapest Week To Travel Table: 

Best Time To Book Tickets Table: 

Source: Skyscanner

20 per cent of Indian travelers shared they’re waiting for a last-minute deal before booking their summer break, according to the Skyscanner research. 

Best Deals For August Travel Table: 

Source: Skyscanner

If you are looking at an end-of-year holiday, here are some good deals for you to check out: 

Best Deals For December Travel Table: 

Source: Skyscanner

Is it possible to bag a summer flight deal for less than Rs 25,000 this year? There are still cheap deals – just search everywhere for the best prices, according to Skyscanner research. Only 44 per cent of Indian travelers believe they will be able to find a deal for less than Rs 25,000 this year. Skyscanner offers deals to holiday favorites including Sri Lanka from Rs 17,107 return, Vietnam from Rs 15,367 return, and Singapore from Rs 18,796 return this July. 

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