Saarthi 2.0: Know About Sebi’s New Mobile App On Personal Finance For Investors

The 'Saarthi' features a wide range of videos designed to assist investors in their personal finance planning.
Saarthi 2.0
Saarthi 2.0

Towards simplifying complex financial concepts, the market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has introduced a mobile application ‘Saarthi 2.0' on personal finance, specially catered for investors. The mobile app provides comprehensive tools that simplify difficult financial terminologies and concepts for investors willing to expand their knowledge. The app features a financial calculator, different modules, KYC explanations and procedures, information related to mutual funds, ETFs, buying and selling shares on the stock exchange market, grievances redressal mechanism for investors, and the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform.

"The updated 'Saarthi' app introduces a user-friendly interface with comprehensive tools aimed at simplifying complex financial concepts," Sebi stated in an official release.

The 'Saarthi' also features a wide range of videos designed to assist investors in their personal finance planning, the market regulator says. “In today's era, where social media sometimes provides biased or misleading information, there is a significant need for an unbiased, objective, and trusted source of investment information,” Ananth Narayan G, Whole Time Member of Sebi, said while highlighting the need for this app.

What is inside the app?

The app welcomes users with a quote ‘Welcome to Saarthi - A guide for financial well-being’. With a basic interface, it is easy to use and can be downloaded on Google Play Store for Android devices and/or the iOS AppStore for Apple mobile phones.

Should you download the app on your mobile, you will find the following five options to begin your financial education journey:

1. Investor Education Material: Under this page, you can surf through a booklet on the securities market, presentations, and learn about the primary market, secondary market, mutual funds, investment advisor, corporate restructuring, share and debenture holders, investor grievance redress mechanism, etc under others section.

2. Financial Education Materials: Here, the Sebi app provides a financial education booklet, a student’s guide to money called ‘pocket money’, a handbook for school children -Meljol, and workshop material.

3. NISM Study Material: This option redirects you to a different page of the National Institute of Securities Market where you get the study material provided by NISM.

4. Policy Documents: Under this, Saarthi provides comprehensive details on the ‘National Strategy for Financial Education’ for last year and the upcoming financial year.

5. Go to FAQs page: The FAQ option takes you to Sebi’s frequently asked questions page where you can clear, learn and understand pre-sourced basic terms and queries.

At the launch of this app, Ananth Narayan further said that it serves its purpose of financial education by empowering investors with reliable and important information about the securities market of India. The tool can be handy for young investors at the beginning of their financial planning journey. "The content within the app is dynamic, it allows you to keep pace with the rapidly evolving market conditions. We actively seek public suggestions to refine the ‘Saarthi’ mobile app," he stated.

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