Top Car Insurance Add-Ons You Must Buy To Save Your Vehicle During Rains

Experts say, that while car insurance add-ons may seem like extravagant expenses, a comprehensive car insurance policy often covers only some of the damages, and comes with hefty repair bills.
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It would soon be the month of June, and the time for much-awaited downpour to bring some relief from the scorching heat in most cities of the country. However, it has its share of woes as it ushers in waterlogging, and unpredictable weather conditions that can wreak havoc on your vehicle, resulting in costly repairs. Hence, it is vital to include certain add-ons for your car insurance policy during the rainy season to rainproof it and safeguard your property. 

In monsoon, it is important to consider four recommended add-ons for comprehensive car protection. “First, if you opt for Zero Depreciation coverage, you would be free from taking care of depreciation costs linked to flood-related damages, which can be significant. Second, the Engine Protect add-on protects against potential waterlogging-induced engine damage and reduces the risk of financial issues,” Mayank Gupta, vice president, ACKO, a tech-first D2C insurance company said. 

“Third, in waterlogged areas, Roadside Assistance (RSA) comes to aid by providing swift towing services and stopping further harm to your vehicle. Last, the expenses related to replacing consumables such as brakes, engine oil, and nuts and bolts, which are usually excluded from standard comprehensive plans, are covered by the Cover for Consumables add-on covers,” Gupta added. 

Factors To Consider While Buying Car Insurance Add-Ons:

 “Picking the right car insurance plan is crucial to protecting yourself from financial losses due to third-party liability and vehicle damage. In India, third-party auto insurance covers legal liability arising from harm or loss to a third-party person or property. However, extra features can be added to a standard policy to safeguard the vehicle against unforeseen damages. These extra add-ons boost the overall protection offered by the car insurance policy,” Gupta said. 

For instance, if the car's engine fails due to waterlogging,  it is not covered under the standard comprehensive policy. In such cases, the engine protection add-on becomes invaluable. If flooding damages the upholstery, lights, or other car parts, the policyholder usually has to cover the depreciation cost, which is around 25-30 per cent of the part's value. If the car owner has added external accessories, it is advisable to include an accessories cover rider. This rider typically costs an extra four per cent based on the value of the accessories.

For Zero Depreciation cover, customers should also check for the claim limit for the cover. For RSA, customers should check for the limits in terms of km coverage and other services such as flat tyres, jump start, etc., to have the most comprehensive coverage. 

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