TATA AIG General Insurance Company Launches Student Guard Travel Insurance Plan: Know Details

TATA AIG General Insurance Company has launched a Student Guard- Overseas Travel Insurance to cater to Indian students studying abroad. Here are the features of the plan
TATA AIG General Insurance Company Launches Student Guard Travel Insurance Plan
TATA AIG General Insurance Company Launches Student Guard Travel Insurance Plan

Insurance company TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited on May 21, 2024, announced that it has launched a Student Guard- Overseas Travel Insurance specifically designed to cater to students pursuing their education abroad. The company said that this plan aims to financially protect Indian students studying abroad against unforeseen circumstances such as accident & sickness Medical Expenses, accidental death or dismemberment. The insurance will also cover costs of emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of their remains, etc., company added.

Related to travel risks affecting the students, the Student Guard- Overseas Travel Insurance claims to cover the risk of loss of passport, baggage delay or loss in the common carrier and costs of trip delay.

Key Features of Student Guard Travel Insurance

Unforeseen Medical Expenses: Student Guard travel insurance plan will cover the often-substantial costs of hospitalisation, a TATA AIG press release said. If the insured person is hospitalised for over seven consecutive days, and his medical condition forbids his repatriation and no adult member of his immediate family is present, the insurance plan covers a round trip economy class air ticket, or first-class railway ticket, to allow the immediate family member to reach the sick student.

Travel Disruptions and Mishaps: The plan aims to help alleviate the stress associated with trip delays, baggage delays or missed flights by covering reasonable additional expenses. Such expense entails any expenses for meals and lodging which were necessarily incurred as the result of a covered hazard and which were not provided by the Common Carrier or any other party free of charge. For baggage loss, the plan covers the replacement cost of baggage and its contents. In the event of baggage Delay, the plan provides necessary personal effects up to the sum Insured as per the plan opted.

Loss of Passport & Bail Bond: A lost passport will be covered by Student Guard travel insurance to the extent of reasonable expenses associated in connection with obtaining a duplicate or new passport. The insurance will also pay bail bond costs the student incurs as a result of false arrest or wrongful detention by any government or foreign power up to the Sum Insured as per the plans opted.

Study Interruption: Tuition fees of the Insured which have already been advanced to the educational institution will be reimbursed if a student cannot join the institute due to hospitalisation of over one month. However, the hospitalisation or inability to attend the class should be due to terminal Sickness medical repatriation or death of an immediate family member.

Other Assistance Services: Also, the plan provides assistance services, including medical assistance, medical evacuation, and repatriation. Students can also reach out for help with lost luggage, lost passports, or legal assistance in specific situations, the release said.

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