Be monsoon ready

A basic motor insurance policy may not be enough to protect your car in the monsoons
Be monsoon ready
Be monsoon ready

For a whole lot of people, the onset of monsoon is a respite from the otherwise sweltering heat. That, however, may not be the reaction from those driving a car in monsoons. You may encounter waterlogged roads and experienced drivers will swear by precautions you need to take to ensure your car is not stranded in the rains. While a comprehensive motor insurance is a must, you will be better off by adding add-ons which will go to protect your vehicle beyond the usual accident-related covers, especially if you live in a place where monsoon plays havoc.

Engine protect cover

The heart of your car—its engine—is susceptible to seizure during monsoons when water may enter if you are passing through water logged areas or your car gets submerged in water. Such damages are usually excluded from the scope of standard motor insurance policy. This add-on cover can be used to cover such instances along with the repairing cost of electrical circuit failure at a nominal additional cost.

Zero depreciation

As the name suggests, it gives you the legal right to claim the complete replacement cost of the parts damaged in case of an accident which the policy covers. Standard policy compensates only for the depreciated value and not the market price of the damaged part. The concept of part replacement over repairs with new age cars means you stand to benefit by adding this cover.

Road side assistance cover

A must have add-on cover which provides 24x7 vehicle breakdown services. This cover helps you to peacefully handle problems like having a flat tyre, running out of fuel, battery related technical issue and accidents in a remote location.

Return to invoice

Return to Invoice (RTI) is an add-on option which covers the gap between the insured declared value and the invoice value of the car. It’s an option that will fetch you the entire amount of loss (the on-road price you paid for your car) that you incurred. Typically, an RTI costs around 10 per cent more than the normal policy but considering a submerged car in rains is a huge loss, this cover acts like the accident safety bag for your finances.

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