Health Insurance Is Essential As COVID Triggers Cardiac Risks, Anxiety, Says Study

Health Insurance Is Essential As COVID Triggers Cardiac Risks, Anxiety, Says Study
Health Insurance Is Essential As COVID Triggers Cardiac Risks, Anxiety, Says Study
A comprehensive health insurance plan would ensure cover for expensive medical treatments as COVD-led health issues like anxiety, depression and cardiac risks are on rise, says a recent study.
A health and wellness study by Bharti AXA General Insurance has revealed some disturbing trends regarding the health of urban Indians over 45 years.
The World Health Organisation’s study from 2016 shows that heart disease, which accounted for around 17 lakh deaths in 2016, is now the leading cause of deaths in India and the risk has only heightened amid the pandemic.
The new study by Bharti AXA, which was conducted among 1,000 consumers aged over 18 years across multiple cities, reveals that poor work-life balance and confinement to home have led to an increase in anxiety and this could further lead to an increase in cardiovascular ailments.
As we follow social distancing norms and stay more at home, stress, and hypertension have seen a spike. In the study, over 50 per cent of respondents above the age of 45 expressed anxiety as a result of not meeting friends and family members. The percentage of people affected in the age group of 18 to 34 stood at 36 per cent.
The impact of social distancing and confinement have been felt more in metro cities with 44 per cent of respondents from Mumbai, 48 per cent from Delhi and 44 per cent from Bangalore  expressing anxiety as compared to 36 per cent of respondents from Jaipur, 27 per cent from Lucknow and 35 per cent from Pune.
A better work-life balance has been seen in smaller cities as compared to the metros with 40 per cent respondents from Ahmedabad, 50 per cent from Jaipur and 36 from from Lucknow being keen on following strict deadlines about starting and ending work days as compared to 33 per cent from Delhi, 28 per cent from Bangalore, and 27 per cent from Mumbai. Over 50 per cent of respondents from Mumbai and Bangalore accept their working hours and the stress caused by this pandemic are impacting family members.
The alarming situation demands multiple changes in lifestyle. People need to strive towards maintaining proper work-life balance. Exercise, spending quality time with family could be some steps to relieve stress. There must also be a focus on a proper diet.
Apart from lifestyle changes, health insurance cover should also be bought to prepare for any medical emergency that may arise due to growing stress from the pandemic, says the study.

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