Fog Fear: Here’s How Travel Insurance Can Cover Your Flight Delays, Cancellations In Winter Fog

In light of the current trend of flight delays and cancellations due to fog, travel insurance serves as a comprehensive safety net against various contingencies associated with a journey
Travel Insurance, travelling abroad, Insurance Policy
Travel Insurance, travelling abroad, Insurance Policy

It is that time of the year when hundreds of flights get delayed or cancelled, especially in north India. While a cancelled or late fight can cause hassle and stress, having a travel insurance policy can help you cover your financial loss.

So, here’s how a travel insurance policy will cover you for flight delay or cancellations due to fog or other reasons.

Flight Delays

For flight delays caused by inclement weather, the insurer allocates the specified sum insured amount to address expenses or needs during the delay.

Says Manas Kapoor, business head – travel insurance, “Insurance companies cover overnight accommodation expenses if the policyholder has to stay in a hotel due to delays. It’s crucial to note the deductible associated with this benefit. For instance, with a six-hour deductible for flight delays, customers can avail benefits only after this duration.”

Adds Rakesh Goyal, director, Probus Insurance Broker: “Most travel insurance policies provide coverage for flight delays over 6-12 hours and includes expenses for meals, hotels, and transportation under this coverage. Passengers need to submit proof of delay, original receipts of expenses, and their travel insurance policy document to an insurance company to process such claims.”

Missed Connections

If a passenger misses a connecting flight caused by airline delays, and the airline does not assist in arranging the journey to the next destination, the insurance policy covers reasonable additional expenses for accommodation and travel incurred to reach the original destination.

Flight Cancellations

If a flight is cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstance (force majeure), such as bad weather, then the airline company will not provide a refund.

Here, a comprehensive travel insurance policy serves as a crucial safeguard, shielding policyholders in the face of unforeseen circumstances that could necessitate trip cancellations or modifications.

Says Kapoor, “Compensation is provided for flight delays resulting from factors, such as inclement weather, crew unavailability, technical issues, air traffic congestion, or operational challenges.”

In instances of trip cancellations due to natural calamities, terrorist acts, or covered reasons, such as unexpected illness, injury, professional issues, or personal issues, such as death of a family member travel insurance helps cover the non-refundable costs, including flight tickets and hotel bookings.

Taking A Later Flight

If an individual decides to take a later flight due to a delay or cancellation, travel insurance could provide coverage for additional expenses incurred.

Says Amrish Dubey, vice president, travel insurance, Tata AIG General Insurance: “This coverage is contingent on the terms outlined in the policy and may include reimbursement for additional accommodation costs, transportation expenses, or other reasonable costs associated with the change in travel plans. Again, policyholders must refer to their specific travel insurance policy for details on coverage related to taking a later flight.”

Also, the premium for travel insurance is influenced by various factors, such as trip duration, destination, age, claims experience, and more.

Says Dubey, “While one aberrant seasonal event may not immediately impact premium rates, long-term trends in claims and other factors could lead to premium revisions over time.”

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