Dense Fog Disrupts Flights, Trains: Here’s How Travel Insurance Is Important To Cover Weather-Related Uncertainties

The operation of Indian Railways trains was severely hit as well as many trains got delayed due to fog-affected visibility. In such situations where travel gets delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions, travel insurance comes in handy.
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North India is under an intense spell of fog this season. Delhi was under a thick blanket of fog on Wednesday which threw the normal life out of gear. Due to almost zero visibility, travellers and daily commuters faced harrowing time travelling from one place to another. Airports in North India saw long queues of passengers waiting to get updates about their flights. At Delhi airport, over 110 flights were affected due to the dense. The operation of Indian Railways trains was severely hit as well as many trains got delayed due to fog-affected visibility. In such situations where travel gets delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions, travel insurance comes in handy. Apart from hospitalisation and loss of luggage, most travel insurance covers loss you incur due to delay or cancellation of flights due to various reasons including weather-related issues. An emergency arising out of the delay is also covered under its ambit. Though everyone should get their travel insured it is highly recommended for frequent fliers who can opt for a multi-trip travel insurance which will cover all their upcoming trips within a specific period for example an annual multi-trip travel insurance will cover all your travels within that year. Frequent or not, travel insurance is always handy.

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Talking to Outlook Money, Anupama Bhargava, a Certified Financial Planner and Partner at Beekay Taxation & Investment LLP said, “It is the end of the year and you are planning that awesome holiday with your family. Your tickets are booked and bags are packed but to your horror, you are informed at the very last minute that your flight is delayed or worse still cancelled!! Well, you can’t fly without boarding a flight but you can at least get compensated for loss and inconvenience incurred on account of the cancelled flight! If you face a cancelled flight on account of bad weather or any other, your travel insurance will make you eligible for an alternate flight or refund of ticket cost. In case of a significant delay, the flight delay option would also cover expenses incurred on hotel stay, etc.”

To a question on how travel insurance can help affected travellers, Anupama Bhargava said, “Travel Insurance is affordable, cashless, gives global assistance, covers you on account of hospitalization abroad and also covers loss of baggage and delayed flights.”

Aftab Chaz, Associate Director and Business Head at (Alliance Insurance Brokers) said, “Travel insurance is significant, in today’s changing weather, especially for people planning year-end travel during this time. It can provide the flexibility to explore different choices and consumers can select the one that best suits individual travel requirements, while also ensuring financial security and support in the event of a natural disaster or weather-related issues. Travel insurance can also provide additional coverage options tailored to one’s itinerary like, protection for one’s cherished valuables, claim settlements during flight cancellation and sports adventure up to a certain amount. In case of any pre-existing medical conditions, it is wise to disclose the same to the insurance company, so that it can take care, in case a medical emergency arises during the travelling experience.”

During situations like flight cancellations, or flight delays due to the current weather conditions, it is vital to act swiftly and reach out to the insurance provider without delay, as they can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the often-intricate claims process, Aftab Chaz said. “Their expertise is invaluable in navigating the intricate process of filing a claim while assisting in the right travel insurance, assessing coverage, deductibles, assistance, premiums, and meticulously reviewing the policy's terms and conditions,” he added.

Sharing her pro tip on travel insurance, Anupama Bhargava said, “Many people consider it an unnecessary expense and shy away from purchasing travel insurance or buying cheaper ones with limited coverage. One must consider factors such as coverage (it should mention flight delay coverage clearly), past record of the company, claim settlement process, networked hospitals and deductibles before choosing a travel insurance.”

Aftab Chaz added that it is also advisable to explore quotes from various providers to secure a cost-effective option. “Different companies offer a range of travel insurance plans tailored to diverse needs, such as domestic and international travel, solo trips, family vacations, student travel, and senior citizen travel insurance,” he said.

This season, don’t let the fog disrupt your well laid out holiday plans. Plan well and plan early!!

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