Karnataka Residents May Lose Gruha Jyothi Scheme Coverage If They Don’t Check This: Tips To Reduce Electricity Usage

Bengaluru witnessed the third highest temperature in 15 years, which may take electricity bills outside Gruha Jyothi scheme cover. Know all about the Gruha Jyothi scheme.
Tips To Reduce Electricity Usage
Tips To Reduce Electricity Usage

Bengaluru saw the third highest temperature in 15 years this April after three heat waves, which led to increased electricity use. This can put a strain on the Karnataka government-sponsored Gruha Jyothi scheme cover. The electricity consumption has surged dramatically, by at least 50 units over the past two months alone. This surge is attributed mainly to the widespread use of fans and air-conditioners (ACs) to seek refuge from the oppressive heat. However, if you are from Karnataka and are off-guard about the loss of cover, you may breach your allotted units and end up paying the entire electricity bill. Those who are on the border of the Gruha Jyothi limit, like above 160 units should take special care not to cross 200 units to the other side. Here are some tips to lower your electricity consumption to keep it under the limit. But first of all, what is the Gruha Jyothi Scheme?

Gruha Jyothi Scheme

All the residents in Karnataka who consume less than the eligible average electricity units, taken based on your usage in 2022-23, are promised a zero-electricity bill under the Gruha Jyothi Scheme. However, from January 2024, along with these eligible average units, the government announced an additional 10 per cent units to the consumers but subject to the cap of 200 units. Simply put, starting from January 2024, households consuming less than 90 units will receive an additional 10 units. Those consuming more than the new eligible average will have to pay the net bill as the difference. But those exceeding the overall cap of 200 units will have to pay the entire bill.

The scheme is available only for household connections and a beneficiary can claim scheme benefits for one connection only. To enrol into the scheme, the consumer will have to apply in the government's Seva Sindhu portal and link the customer ID/Account ID with the Aadhar number. Your account ID is available on any of your monthly electricity bills. The tenants who are living on rental arrangements can also avail of the scheme by submitting their rental agreements on the Seva Sindhu portal.

Steps To Keep Electricity Bills Under Check

To avoid exceeding the allocated units, residents can adopt these energy-saving measures.

Effective AC Usage

The Government of India's Bureau of Energy Efficiency said the ideal temperature for human bodies in typical Indian conditions is 24 degrees Celsius. So maintaining AC temperature at this level, scheduling regular maintenance, and setting an AC timer allowing it to automatically switch off after 2 hours after you sleep can save a lot of units.

Other Energy Efficiency Tips

Turning off electrical appliances such as television at the main switch of the appliance rather than just on the remote can eliminate idle load consumption. Use a table light for reading your book in bed or on the table, rather than lighting the whole room. Use LED lighting, fluorescent tube lights, or CFLs rather than traditional lights. It is important to keep refrigerators away from heat sources and ensure continuous airflow around them. Clean the rubber door seals of refrigerators regularly and make sure that their doors are properly sealed when closed.

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