Dubai Multiple-Entry Visas: Regular Travelers Can Save Lots Of Money

Long-term multiple-entry visas offer convenience and cost savings for regular travellers, simplifying travel between India and the UAE.
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Dubai, Visa, travelers, Money, UAE

United Arab Emirates(UAE) on February 23, 2024, introduced a five-year multiple-entry visa to enhance travel between India and Dubai, doubling down on its commitment to sustained economic collaborations by encouraging tourism and business ties. The visa, issued within two to five working days, allows a 90-day stay, extendable once, with a total stay not exceeding 180 days in a year. According to the latest data from the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), Dubai received 2.46 million overnight visitors from India between January and December 2023.

What Are Cost Savings?

The introduction of the 5-year multiple-entry visa has revolutionised travel arrangements for both business professionals and families, saving time and money, Khaleej Times reported. This visa streamlines the process of repetitive applications, allowing frequent visitors to plan their trips easily. Citing, a bio-medical engineer based in Bangalore, Khaleej Times said, he, like many others, makes regular visits to Dubai for family reunions and business engagements and is delighted to get this Visa for just Dirhams 1,200.

Previously, he would have spent a substantial amount on single-entry tourist visas for each visit because due to familial connections, he had to visit Dubai every 4 months. He had to then spend Dh350 each time for a single-entry tourist visa, making it Dh 1,050 every year. However, with the long-term visa at just Dh 1,200, he can save up to Dh 4,050 over five years.

Similarly, another Sharjah resident has secured long-term visas for his parents, making their travel plans easy. For many tourists in India who frequently visit Dubai for Dubai shopping festivals, having a 5-year visa means substantial savings compared to the cost of multiple short-term visas.

A resident of New Delhi told Khaleej Times that she visited her sister in Dubai annually or even twice a year incurring a cost of Dh 700. Over 5 years she had to pay Dirham 3,500. "This results in substantial savings of nearly Dh1,500 compared to the Dh2,000 visa cost through an agent," she said. Also, the streamlined application process where you just have to maintain a minimum balance of USD 4,000 in one's bank account and show your six-month salary statement adds to the allure.

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