Shagun Singh, The Torchbearer For Web 3.0 Enthusiasts And Digital Financing Pros

Shagun Singh, The Torchbearer For Web 3.0 Enthusiasts And Digital Financing Pros
Shagun Singh, The Torchbearer For Web 3.0 Enthusiasts And Digital Financing Pros

Nobody can possibly escape the buzz surrounding NFTs, cryptocurrency, and other Web 3.0 projections. Some say these technologies will come to revolutionize every aspect of society, whereas others believe it to be a pipe dream. As the majority of entrepreneurs are tech-focused and busy building a new savvy digital invention, it may be challenging for others to get a grasp on Web 3.0 elements, its reality, and what the future means for businesses, especially when it's all coming into focus.

If you have no knowledge of what Web 3.0 is or why it's important, you are not alone. Many people of our generation are still grabbing this new concept of the internet and the new upgrades that it’ll bring to us in the form of virtual and digital financing, which is actually quite popular. Many enthusiasts on the subject say Web 3.0 is the future of the internet and one firm believer in this notion is Shagun Singh, the founder of various Indian NFT (Non-fungible Tokens) and Crypto projects.

The ace player in the domain of NFTs and Crypto, Mr. Singh is a mind chaser when it comes to Web 3.0 projects in India. He is a well-experienced person who is also an all-rounder in entrepreneurship and marketing. Owning his position as a founder and project launcher like - Ridiculous Dragons, RiDiDa, and NoMaiMai, he doesn’t deny the resurging wave of digitalization in both of these elite initiatives. He is out there making individuals feel confident about trading in NFT and cryptocurrencies, which has been one of his greatest victories.

RiDiDa, a new project by Shagun Singh, is currently valued at 100 crores and has become the next big thing on the Web 3.0 billboard. Additionally, the entrepreneur's brand-new project, RiDiDa, is an all-encompassing NFT marketplace that doesn't require an introduction. In addition to giving its users what they require, this initiative is quite successful. The open protocols that run on standardised emotive new thrifts are the basis of RiDiDa's work. This project's use of technology is intensifying since it enables creators and producers to generate new digital collectibles, allows customers to easily exchange tokens, and allows developers to establish a strong, integrated market area on Web 3.0 terms. And there is no doubt in admitting that these projects have appeared to be a huge success in revolutionizing the way we look at the resetting dawn of global digitization.

“Web 3.0 has so much potential and opportunities for all of us. I have been working with crypto, NFTs, and other virtual transactions for so long to know that Web 3.0 will be a new land for me to explore. I’m working towards learning more about it and then educating others as well,” Shagun Singh said when asked about Web 3.0 and its occurrences. “After working in this domain for the past seven-eight years, all I have comprehended is that the Internet is not just a new found land to interact with masses but is also a great platform to start or expand businesses,” he said, further explaining the importance of Web 3.0 and its potential.

Not just this, Shagun also owns popular food chains and beverage brands namely - Mister Kiyoshi, Simple Burger, Biryani Ghar, NoMaiMai Ice Cream and Sushma’s, along with NoMaiMai Energy, DrinkNoMaiMai Water, and snacks. Plus, he’s also a mind player in the domain of real estate and manufacturing with projects in the pipeline like NoMaiMai co-living space & Simple Bazaar (24x7 premium convenience store).

You’ll be surprised to know that Shagun Singh is not a stranger to fashion and lifestyle brands either. He has started his own luxury streetwear and apparel business by the name Ridiculusum. With so much work in hand, Mr. Singh is not only excellently managing all of these projects hand by hand but also building an empire of his own. Without a doubt, he is, what’s called a Trump card, when it comes to Entrepreneurship.

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