Build Your Next Big Idea With 5ire

Build Your Next Big Idea With 5ire
Build Your Next Big Idea With 5ire

In the course of the last few months, the entire technology space witnessed a south turn. Tech companies are slicing their workforce, and Venture Capital money is shrinking. The blockchain space is not left out. Many blockchain have firms spiraled down to bankruptcy leaving behind an atmosphere of fear and skepticism.

This, however, is not entirely bad news. When the building is tough, the tough keep building. Whatever hope is left in the blockchain space is a result of quality projects with promising fundamentals, product use cases, a resilient community and committed developers. Blockchain projects like 5ire give the community reasons to hold on.

The 5ire promise is simple – a platform for building sustainable projects with scale, security and ease. The commitment to offer developers and institutions a place to exist on the blockchain kept 5ireChain afloat, despite the prevalent stormy weather in the ecosystem.

5ireChain is an EVM-compatible sustainability-oriented smart contract platform that focuses on developing a sustainable and for-benefit ecosystem based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).To enable this, 5ire is building a computing platform that promotes and advocates activities to achieve the SDGs.

5ire is a blockchain ecosystem driven by sustainability, technology & innovation to build the 5th industrial revolution (5IRe). The 5th industrial revolution is the audacious idea of aligning sustainability with profitability to unleash human potential.

5ire’s Testnet Alpha went live on November 30, 2022. Shortly after that, the Testnet Beta (public release) went live on February 13, 2023. Here’s how the numbers look so far (as of March 20, 2023):

● Total transactions: 2.2M
● Native chain transactions: 1.2M
● EVM chain transactions: 780K
● Total wallets: 270K
● Native chain wallets: 510K
● Native chain smart contracts: 2000

Build on 5ireChain

For blockchain developers, there are a number of layer-1 blockchains with smart contract compatibility. However, there are not many of them that are sustainable and have a dual-chain. 5ireChain represents both.

5ire is looking for developers who are passionate about building solutions that cater to end users and are interested in exploring the potential of blockchain technology to drive sustainable development.

If you are looking for a platform to host your ideas, 5ireChain makes a good case for you. Our #BuildToEarn program supports developers at all levels of expertise in blockchain development.

Here are some of the incentives for building on 5ireChain

● Top 10 dApps to receive an incentive after evaluation.
● An opportunity to earn rewards through our referral program and grants scheme.
● An incentivization scheme for dApps focused on sustainable development.
● Reduced gas fees for early adopters and the first 500 builders to receive a share of block rewards.

5ireChain Developers will have access to:

● A dedicated support team,
● Investors for easier fundraising
● A yearly private event where you can network with other developers and industry experts.


The vision of 5ireChain is to become a platform for hosting self-governing decentralized companies with the collective aim of transitioning from a for-profit to a for-benefit economic model. This concept makes room for companies to contribute to environmental sustainability and get incentivized for doing so.


On a similar note, 5ire’s mission is to facilitate the transition to the 5th industrial revolution. It aims to help companies achieve a carbon-neutral status in alignment with other United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Blockchain technology has come to stay, and it keeps making remarkable progress in its use case and adoption. Decentralized technology is used across industries to solve real-world problems.

5ireChain utilizes blockchain technology in a unique way that facilitates a sustainable economy hosted on the blockchain. It provides a decentralized platform for both smart contract developers and sustainability-driven institutions.

Sustainable Proof of Stake

Sustainable Proof of Stake is a novel consensus mechanism developed by 5ire. The consensus mechanism captures the importance of building sustainable solutions by modifying the traditional proof of stake mechanism.

In sustainable proof of stake, many factors come into play as to which validator is selected and the validation process in each network epoch. This not only brings sustainability on-chain, but it also gives small nodes a good chance to be represented in the process.

Environmental, Social and Governmental Compliance
ESG awareness represents a paradigm shift that encourages organizations to act responsibly towards the environment, host community and within their leadership. It is one of the concerns raised by investors and even customers of every organization.

5ire prides itself on taking ESG to the next level. Our consensus mechanism makes provision for the ESG score of every organization that runs a validator bloc on 5ireChain. Since ESG score is one of the parameters computed by the consensus mechanism, organizations are compelled to level up their ESG game.

Dual Chain Support

5ireChain supports both WASM and EVM-compatible smart contracts. This opens up an array of possibilities for developers to explore. For developers who want to bring their ideas to life, the dual-chain functionality empowers developers to explore different possibilities.


5ireChain is committed to bringing sustainable development by leveraging the power of blockchain. For developers who share the same values, it offers a platform to build and scale their ideas while enjoying the massive support of the ever-growing 5ireChain community.

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