Women Entrepreneurs and the Creation of Inspirational Stories

The percentage of women building businesses has been going upwards, which, of course, is very encouraging
Women Entrepreneurs and the Creation of Inspirational Stories
Women Entrepreneurs and the Creation of Inspirational Stories

Indra Nooyi rightly says, “The more women break the rules, the better off we’re going to be,” and maybe that is a major reason why we see so many female entrepreneurs being drawn towards the idea of being more than their reflections. The journey right from feeling inferred to coming across as intimidating has broken so many synonyms of stereotypes. Nearly 14% of Indian women own or run businesses of their own. What must have been their go-getter?

The concepts for drawing inspirational stories could be subjective, depending on various factors. Nonetheless, there are always going to be elements that draw similarities in building an inspiring story.

Know what you are getting yourself into: 

Awareness is conceptual knowledge that one bestows with facts and research. When you have an idea running through your brain, it’s necessary to research and know its consequences. Getting the statistics and figures about your idea, analysing if it is going to make a difference, knowing the crux of its existence is necessary. Introspecting the pros and cons of the concept you are researching into becomes a crucial part. Study about the kind of audience you would like to engage with, attend to various problems and re-learn the process of finding their solutions.

Befriend Fear:

When one has laid the foundation and is consecutively building on it, it is natural to feel afraid. You could feel extremely silly sometimes but try to befriend the silliness. The time when it looks uncertain, not losing what we have built is very necessary. It may get only harder but befriending your flaws and fears makes it worth the while.

Drawing a Creative Inspiration: Inspiration is subjective and it differs from individual to individual. The inspiration could either be around you or within you, and creative inspiration helps you create a story to memorize. Inspiration helps you to strive for something you have been dreaming of. You either inspire or you get inspired. Inspiring stories often need inspiration and that inspiration can be drawn from every aspect of your life.

Research and Study: Analysing and Researching makes things simpler. The field that individuals choose to study need to have a strong foundation and that can be done only through constant updating of research and analysis. Making a plan, listing down the process and jotting down various trends according to various platforms. Laying the stronger base helps the field chosen to grow and widen. Learning different techniques to obtain the research is another exquisite way.

Do it only if you love it: Building concepts and ideas could be tedious only if you’re not organically in the process. Pressurising yourself and being in a tight spot is never helpful. Even when it gets challenging, you need to love it for what it is. Passion can be subjective, not love. The process needs to get you peace, only then can your story be heard. Trying hard for something you don’t love or are not passionate enough about can often lead to decisions that won’t inspire. A determined decision comes from places of healthy conversation and love for that specific topic.

The percentage of women building businesses has been going only upwards and that gets on a very positive note. Right from embroidery and weaving to automobiles and boutiques, women have changed the way one would perceive a particular story. The journey through making inspirational stories is not effortless, though it may look like it. Bring out ideas, conceptualise and see through the flow. Women need to be there for women, that makes the battle even easier, and uplifting dreams and creating inspiration out of the same is what women need to aspire for and develop.

The author sis Founder and CEO of Vpop

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