Everything You Need to Know About Prime Day New Product Launches

Smartphones, home appliances, consumer electronics, laundry pods are set to be kicked off this season
Everything You Need to Know About Prime Day New Product Launches
Everything You Need to Know About Prime Day New Product Launches

Amazon Prime Day 2021 has become the talk of the town before it has even started. Consumers far and wide are gearing up to save big on their purchases and are ready to give in to their wishlists, because as per the hype, this Prime day, the discounts are going to be huge. 

If you aren’t up to speed on the upcoming two-day Prime Day Sale, starting 26th July, here are the key elements you need to keep in mind. To begin with, as expected, Amazon is making this Prime Day one of the biggest it has ever committed to before. Not only can you expect huge discounts, but there are a wealth of new manufacturers, sellers, and thousands of new products Amazon has added to their inventory this season. 

Exclusively available for Prime members, Amazon is offering a huge pool of new launches from both top brands and a surplus of newly added local producers and manufacturers. 

Smartphones, home appliances, consumer electronics, laundry pods, even the latest Amazon devices are set to be kicked off this season. 

Top brands have already taken this opportunity to launch their new products. Some of the more established brands expected to deliver new products include the OnePlus Nord 2 5G, new Noise smart devices, the IdeaPad Slim5 by Lenovo, and a smart OLED 4K TV by LG. 

Simply scratching the surface, this Prime Day, the number of local producers bringing in their goods to multiple categories within Amazon will leave the marketplace flooded with items new and old with huge discount potential on every product. 

Talking about the must view products, here are some that consumers should keep their eye out for -

  1. OnePlus Nord 2 5G: With the due success of the OnePlus Nord, the smartphone manufacturer has chosen Prime Day to unveil its new model, the Nord 2. Being touted as “everything you could ask for”, Nord 2 might see huge buy rates during the sale as per expectations. 

  2. Noise Smart Devices: A relatively new Indian-grown electronics company, Noise has planned to launch a variety of new products, including Air Buds+, Buds VX201, and the ColorFit Pulse Smartwatch.

  3. Boat Earphones: Another homegrown brand that has gained popularity in recent years, Boat is set to launch wireless earphones AirDopes 501 ANC, and AirDopes 391. They are also revealing three Bluetooth neckband earphones for someone with a more sporty lifestyle.

  4. Lenovo: Lenovo is also here with its IdeaPad Slim5, which features an AMD processor.

  5. Asus: Asus is taking full advantage of the opportunity and is set to launch four different laptops under their Zenbook and Vivobook line of products. Featuring Intel processors, two of them even come with touchscreen displays.

  6. HP: With people requiring more pre-assembled computers for their work-from-home convenience, HP has come out with its all-in-one desktop that comes with a 27” display screen and sports an AMD Ryzen processor.

  7. LG: A new 4K smart OLED TV by LG might just become the highest rated product launched this Prime Day. 

  8. IFB: With three new washing machines, including front-load and fully automatic appliances, IFB has also come up with brilliant new products for its consumers. 

Besides these, there are over 300 new products being launched by top brands and by new producers added under various programs by Amazon to boost local SMBs.  

With a vast pool of products never seen before on the platform, coupled with the ability to take home giant savings, the Indian consumer base might make this Prime Day Sale the biggest Amazon has ever witnessed.

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