X Users Face Hour-Long Outage; Services Restored Now

Users of the social media platform X experienced a significant outage lasting over an hour, affecting global access and post visibility. Services have now been restored, though some recent posts remain missing.
X CEO Elon Musk
X CEO Elon Musk Getty Images

Social media platform X suffered an outage for over one hour on Thursday, with users complaining that they could not access posts on the platform.

The services were back and posts became visible after sometime, but some users were unable to see several of their recent posts on the platform.

According to Downdetector, complaints started surfacing around quarter to 11 am IST with over 4,000 users reporting the glitch. Globally, 73,800 problem reports poured in on the outage, at its peak.

Around 64 per cent of the users reported the glitch on X and 29 per cent on the website, according to Downdetector.

The app displayed 'welcome to your timeline' message in place of the feed. There is no official word yet from the company about the snag, and the cause of the outage was not immediately clear.

The problem was recorded across various geographies, and not confined to India.

"Havin issues with my Twitter timeline this morning!! It seems stuck at last night and won let me refresh. Seems to want me to 'get started' by using contacts in my address book!" a post from an account by name of Asha Hick appeared on Downdetector.

Downdetector sources various complaints made online over outage of social media platforms or digital networks.

As per reports, users in Canada, Britain, France and other locations reported problems in accessing X and X Pro.

#Twitterdown was trending online, and while many vented their angst on various social media platforms, others had a field day taking a jibe through hilarious memes.

The microblogging platform -- once touted as internet's favourite town-square -- has been hit with uncertainty and several instances of outages after billionaire Elon Musk's USD 44 billion acquisition of Twitter (now X) last year, and the consequent global downsizing, cost cuts and rigorous work hours initiated by the company.

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