Will The Fed cut Rates In 2024?

The most widespread feeling implies distrust of the Federal Reserve about the likelihood of further rate cuts in 2019
US interest rate
US interest rate

As the Federal Reserve prepares to make changes to its economic strategy against the background of inflation and uncertain growth for investors. The most widespread feeling implies distrust of the Federal Reserve about the likelihood of further rate cuts in 2019 and some people think that the Fed might completely abandon plans for rate decreases come 2024. There has been a marked change in response to new information within market conditions and recent economic trends.

The economy’s recent indicators are mixed, complicating the Fed's policy outlook. While the employment cost index exceeded expectations in the first quarter implying wage pressures; consumer confidence dipped below 100 implying potential denting of spending, which is crucial for moderating inflation. This uncertainty was also reflected in the equity market, where the S&P500 had its worst performance so far this year as bond yields went up showing a higher possibility for a rate hike.

AI optimism the bright spot?

Against this backdrop of market volatility, AI-related stocks have emerged as a bright spot, delivering impressive performances in the first quarter. Companies like Amazon, propelled by sustained demand for AI-driven services such as AWS cloud and advertising, exceeded market expectations. Despite concerns over future growth prospects and a subdued sales forecast for the current quarter, Amazon remains a formidable player in the AI landscape, leveraging AI across various facets of its business operations.

Eurozone recovery 

In parallel, the Eurozone experienced a robust economic rebound in the first quarter, with key economies surpassing forecasts. However, a moderation in core inflation failed to offset the bullish pressure on the dollar fueled by Fed expectations. Energy markets witnessed fluctuations, with US crude prices dipping below key levels amidst geopolitical tensions and evolving Fed rate hike projections. The reflation narrative faces headwinds as expectations of a Fed rate cut diminish, impacting commodities like oil and copper.

As the Fed navigates the complex economic landscape characterized by inflationary pressures, market volatility, and global economic recovery, the prospect of further rate cuts in 2024 appears increasingly uncertain. While AI-related sectors showcase resilience amidst market turbulence, geopolitical tensions, and evolving central bank policies continue to shape market dynamics. Investors await the Fed's decision, mindful of its implications on asset valuations and market sentiment in the coming quarters.

(The author works with UK-based news publication Invezz.)

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