Vijaypat Singhania Rules Out Reconciliation With Estranged Son Gautam

Vijaypat Singhnia, the former chairman of Raymond Ltd, has been locked in an acrimonious public dispute with his son, Gautam Singhania, over the property for many years
Gautam Singhania
Gautam SinghaniaGetty Images

Raymond patriarch Vijaypat Singhania on Tuesday ruled out reconciliation with his estranged son Gautam Singhania, whose social media post of a photo of them sparked speculations of resolving their differences.

On March 20, billionaire Gautam Singhnia posted a photo on the microblogging platform ‘X’ through his account @SinghaniaGautam with his father Vijaypath.

In 2015 when Vijaypat Singhania transferred all of his shares in Raymond, a 37.17 per cent stake worth around Rs 1,000 crore at that time, to Gautam but this was challenged by four of his grandchildren (children of Madhupati, Gautam's brother).

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