Trai Seeks Views On Policy Framework For Economic Development Driven By 5G Ecosystem

Trai has identified security and privacy threats in the case of technologies like IoT and Metaverse
TRAI -Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
TRAI -Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

Telecom regulator Trai on Friday invited views to develop a policy framework for faster adoption of new technologies for economic development driven by the 5G ecosystem.

In the consultation paper on "Digital Transformation Through 5G Ecosystem", the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has identified emerging technologies like drones, the internet of things, and metaverse, among others, that can boost 5G utilisation and later on 6G.

"The authority has come out with consultation paper on suo-moto basis to identify the policy challenges and suggest the right policy framework for faster adoption and effective utilisation of new technologies for the holistic and sustainable development of economy driven by 5G ecosystem," the regulator said.

In the paper, Trai has identified security and privacy threats in the case of technologies like IoT and Metaverse and sought views on measures that should be adopted for the responsible development of these technologies.

Trai's paper said that over the last two decades, technology companies have made a science of tracking and characterizing users on their platforms, as it enables targeted advertising. 

The regulator said that unfortunately, such targeting has exploited consumers, reduced personal privacy, and made social media a polarising force by allowing third parties to deploy customised messaging that is skilfully aimed at very specific demographic groups. 

"This tactic has had the widespread effect of amplifying existing biases and preconceptions in populations, radicalising political views and spreading misinformation," the paper said.

The regulator said that in the case of the metaverse, these problems are likely to get significantly worse because the technology will not just track where users click, but where they go, who they are with, what they do, what they look at, even how long their gaze lingers. 

In the consultation paper, Trai has sought views on the need to develop a regulatory framework for the responsible development and use of Metaverse.

It has invited views on various aspects, including the way users can protect themselves from cyberattacks, harassment and manipulation in the metaverse. 

The regulator has fixed October 30 as the last date for comment on the paper and November 13 for counter comments.

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