Supreme Court Refuses Patanjali's Apology Over Misleading Ads

Supreme Court has refused to accept Patanjali Ayurved's apology for misleading ads and has criticised Uttarakhand Government for not taking decisive action against the same
Experts Welcome Supreme Court ruling on Climate Change
Experts Welcome Supreme Court ruling on Climate Change

Patanjali Ayurved continues to face an uphill battle as the Supreme Court has recently rejected Bama Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna's 'unconditional' and 'unqualified' apology for their misleading advertisements and baseless claims targeting evidence-based medicine.

In the affidavits submitted to the Court, the company apologised from the apex court for violating its previous pledge to not broadcast or print misleading advertisements, as per a report by Bar and Bench.

"I seek pardon for the aforesaid breach of the statement. I undertake to always uphold the majesty of law and majesty," the affidavits read.

The Supreme Court also criticized the Uttarakhand government for shaking hands with negligent licensing officers and not taking action on misleading advertisements by the company.

"We are appalled by the action of the State Licensing Authority and it shows nothing apart from pushing the files and the clear attempt by State Licensing Authority was there to delay the matter. The State Licensing Authority remained in deep slumber and the person who holds the position of the Joint Director is holding the post since 9 months and it is enough to be aware of the matter," the court said.

The bench led by Hima Kohli and Ahsanuddin Amanullah further added that the person who held the position before is also involved in this matter and needs to provide an explanation for his/her actions when Divya Pharmacy (Patanjali) was giving out misleading advertisements against the law.

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