Sony WF-LS900N True Wireless Earbuds Review: Tiny, Beautiful, And Near-Perfect!

With a rich sound quality and effective noise cancellation, the Sony WF-LS900N is indeed a good package in the mid-range category
Sony Linkbuds S earbuds
Sony Linkbuds S earbuds

I have been a True-Wireless earbuds user for some years and have tried from the cheapest to most expensive ones so far. However, only a few of them proved ideal for everyday use and fit the bill. 

I settled with Sony’s WF1000 XM5 earbuds and have been happy so far with the sound output and performance, but they cost me more than Rs 20,000, which is some price to pay if you need a decent pair of earbuds.

But Sony has come up with WF-LS900N, also called the LinkBuds S (not to confuse with the LinkBuds launched earlier), boasting mostly all the features of a flagship device but priced aggressively at Rs 13,990.

I’ve been using the latest earbuds from Sony for over a week and I'll discuss here if the mid-range earbuds are a good investment.

Sony LinkBuds S: Build and Design

Although my current favourite, the only issue I had with Sony’s  WF-1000XM4 is the size of the earbuds. They are large and at times feel a bit heavy but Sony’s LinkBuds S are way tinier and extremely lightweight. They fit really well in the ear canal and don’t protrude out. 

Sony Linkbuds S earbuds

I initially had the black one with a sandstone texture and I loved the look and feel of it but later I tried the one in white colour which looked even better and pretty rich.  

The design language reminds me of the Linkbuds I reviewed earlier, but the LinkBuds S are slightly chunkier than that and to get the fit right, you get silicone ear tips in four different sizes. 

It’s indeed important to pick the right ear tips as the Active Noise Cancellation experience varies if the fit is not right. 

Sony Linkbuds S earbuds

That said, they don’t fall off when you wear them during activities including running or commuting in autorickshaws or Metro trains.

For protection, the LinkBuds S have an IPX4 rating, so they can handle water splashes, some drizzle, sweat, etc.

The earbuds are tiny indeed and they come in a compact charging case. So the black coloured ones have a textured matte finish while the white ones come in a bright white case. There is a tiny LED indicator at the front, a USB-C port and a pairing button on the back. 

The charging case and the earbuds don’t seem too sturdy so it remains to be seen if they handle accidental falls. This is where I feel one should be careful.

Battery life: 

The Sony LinkBuds S can last roughly 6 hours on a single charge and you get additional 14 hours of battery time from the charging case. 

It takes roughly an hour to fully charge the charging case which is decent. 

I feel the battery life is decent but not too great. I mean they do last for a good number of hours but for someone who uses earbuds daily for music, calls, etc., usually need a bit more. Also, with ANC on, the on-battery time comes down to around 5 hours.

Sony LinkBuds S: Sound quality and performance

After hours of using the Sony LinkBuds S, I can say they are one of the finest earbuds you can get in under Rs 15,000.

Sony Linkbuds S

The earbuds offer a rich overall sound experience but they are not as bassy as Sony earbuds usually are. That said, that’s how I like the sound signature – pleasant and balanced. 

You can also tweak sound settings from Sony’s Headphones app.  Lately, I’ve been using it a lot and it’s quite simple to change settings from there. 

A decent Noise Cancellation adds to the overall experience. The Sony LinkBuds S offer effective noise cancellation and I enjoyed using them while travelling on the Metro train or roaming in noisy and crowded markets. 

Besides, I didn’t expect good call quality but the earbuds are indeed great for voice calls and even Zoom calls.  

I did struggle with inconsistent sound quality and pairing but I was able to get it right after two updates I got on the app. 

Another thing I noticed was that the touch controls are not as quick as they should be. For example, it takes a bit of time to pause or resume music, or skip a song. 

Should You Buy Sony LinkBuds S?

The Sony LinkBuds S are indeed a good package in the mid-range category. You get great sound, noise cancellation, and a few extra features here and there. Besides, they are really comfortable even if you wear them for hours. I wear the earbuds for about 4-5 hours daily on average and it’s seldom I feel any pain. 

Sony Linkbuds S

That said, the call quality is really good. It’s a much-needed feature and not every pair of earbuds, even the expensive ones, are able to offer that mostly. 

There aren’t many downsides or cons with the LinkBuds S, it’s just that after the Sony WF-1000XM4, which of course has better build and sound quality, the shift was tough initially but LinkBuds S are quite mighty and a great option considering the price point. I have pretty much every reason to recommend Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds.

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