Should You Buy Or Renew Vehicle Insurance From Your Car Dealer?

Buying car insurance from your dealer may be easy, and you may be offered discounts, but it is always wise to compare multiple policies before making a decision
Should You Buy Or Renew Vehicle Insurance From Your Car Dealer?

While third-party insurance is compulsory, motor insurance helps protect both against damage to your car and any third-party liabilities. When buying or renewing car insurance for your new car, you have two options: getting it directly from a motor insurance company or your car dealer. Most car dealers have a tie-up with motor insurers. So when you buy a vehicle from a car dealer, you can choose the best option.

Benefit Of Getting Insurance From Your Dealer: “Buying motor insurance through a dealer would definitely help save some time and possibly, look like you are saving money too. Moreover, the dealer might offer lucrative discounts on a combo purchase of the car and insurance. They might even waive the first-year premium,” says Ashwini Dubey, head of motor insurance renewals at

Compare Features And Prices Before Buying Insurance: However, he says that buying motor insurance through your car dealer does not give you the opportunity to compare plans, prices, and features between insurers and choose the best plan for your requirement. It is advisable to look for a motor policy online and opt for the one that suits your needs and fulfils your requirements. “Remember not to get pulled towards a cookie-cutter approach wherein similar motor insurance benefits are offered to every policy buyer as every person has different driving habits and thus different requirements,” he adds. You can compare plans, prices, and features on various websites or visit them before choosing an insurance policy.

Get Only The Add-Ons You Need: Also, when buying care insurance, insurers may push you to buy different add-ons. Sometimes, the add-ons come as a default option when purchasing. “Customers must be aware that every add-on comes at a price, so it is best that the policy buyer selects the add-ons beneficial for their usage and removes the ones that might not be useful for them,” says Dubey.

Also, it is crucial to eliminate manual intervention and take the digital route to choose the best policy by looking at countless options and customising your motor policy features as per your individual needs. Moreover, when buying a policy online, you would be eligible for a lower price.

The same applies when renewing car insurance. You can always shift to a new insurance provider. Just remember to renew your insurance on time; otherwise, you will need to get your car inspected again.

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