Salesforce Layoffs May Resurface To Enable ‘Change’ And ‘Reshaping’ Of Company: Report

Salesforce layoffs may happen again as the company seeks to focus more on profitability
Salesforce Layoffs
Salesforce Layoffs

As the mass layoffs season continues, Salesforce layoffs may reportedly resurface very soon. As per updates, Salesforce chief operating officer (COO) Brian Millham has said that the layoffs may happen to enable ‘change’ and ‘reshaping’ of the company.

According to a Bloomberg report, Salesforce may go for another round of job cuts as the company seeks to focus more on profitability. “The structure of the organization — if we feel like it needs to change and reshape — we’re going to make those moves to drive the efficiencies,” the report quoted Millham as saying in an interview.

The report also adds that the company working towards restructuring Salesforce has not finalised anything yet. However, the final recommendations may follow soon, after a review of the business. 

Salesforce layoffs, if they happen, would be the second round of job cuts by the company. Before this news report, Salesforce sacked almost 10 per cent of its staff in January. Back then, close to 8,000 job roles were eliminated as the company indulged in mass layoffs in order to cut their costs and increase profits. 

“From the very beginning this was a performance-oriented culture……We may have drifted a bit from that during the pandemic as we took care of our employees and made sure everyone was staying healthy,” Bloomberg quoted Millham as saying. 

Salesforce layoffs are being seen as one of the biggest reductions at the company in many years. The company may also reportedly shut its offices in US. 

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