Qatar Airways To Partner With Musk's SpaceX

Qatar Airways will get 350Mbps of Starlink WiFi for free in the air
Qatar Airways
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According to recent reports, Elon Musk's SpaceX and Qatar Airways have signed a significant agreement. The arrangement, according to media reports, relates to WiFi connectivity for passengers flying with Qatar Airways.

All Qatar flyers will soon have access to free WiFi thanks to Musk's Starlink. According to the agreement, WiFi connectivity would have a maximum speed of 350 Mbps.

The WiFi connectivity would be provided at no additional cost with a faster download rate, making this a win-win situation for the flyers.

Currently, Super WiFi service offers 10 Mbps internet access in the air. However, flyers would be able to enjoy true internet speed with this agreement.

Once the service is in place, Qatar Airways guarantees that customers will enjoy ultra-fast WiFi that can reach 350 Mb per second. For a seamless in-flight experience, this improved connectivity will make it possible to engage in activities like gaming, VPN access, sports streaming, and more.

According to reports, once the agreement is put into effect, passengers on Qatar Airways will have slick, lightning-fast internet. This means that passengers will be able to play games, watch OTT content, and even use a VPN while flying.

Last week, SpaceX's powerful Falcon Heavy rocket launched a NASA mission to a far-off asteroid successfully on 13 October.

The spacecraft for this mission, which is called after the asteroid Psyche, will travel roughly six years and 2.2 billion miles to get to the planet by July 2029.

It will be about the size of a tennis court. The goal of NASA is to investigate the materials that make up Psyche, which is described as "an unusual object likely rich in metal." The Psyche spacecraft is outfitted with a variety of scientific tools for analyzing the magnetic field and chemical makeup of the asteroid.

An estimated $1.2 billion will be spent on the Psyche mission, which will go toward development and running expenses. In addition to this sum, NASA has given SpaceX a contract for the mission's launch worth around $131 million.

This mission marks SpaceX's eighth use of the Falcon Heavy rocket, the most powerful launcher currently in use by the business. Notably, SpaceX successfully recovered the rocket's twin side boosters and plans to utilize them again for forthcoming launches.

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