Peak Power Demand To Touch 3.5 Lakh MW By 2030-31: R K Singh

India's peak power demand is set to reach 3.5 lakh MW by 2030-31, says Union Minister R K Singh. The government is proactively increasing generation capacity to keep pace with the growing economy and ensure reliable electricity supply to both rural and urban areas.
Peak Power Demand To Touch 3.5 Lakh MW By 2030-31: R K Singh

The peak electricity demand in India is expected to touch 3,50,670 MW mark by 2030-31, and the government is taking various measures to meet the increased demand, Union Minister R K Singh has said.

The peak demand has gone up from 1,35,918 MW in 2013-14 to 2,43,271 MW in September 2023. This is a rise of almost 79 per cent and the demand has been met, the minister for power said on Thursday.

A series of concerted measures have led to 70 per cent increase in generation capacity from 2,48,554 MW in March 2014 to 4 25,536 MW in October 2023, he said in Lok Sabha.

"As per 20th Electric Power Survey (EPS) report published in November 2022, the peak electricity demand in the country in 2030-31 is expected to be 3,50,670 MW. We have taken steps to meet the increased demand for power in the country," Singh said.

The minister said 27,180 MW of thermal capacity is under construction, 12,000 MW has been bid out and 19,000 MW is under clearances. The total anticipated thermal capacity addition by 2031-2032 will be 87,910 MW.

The demand has increased rapidly due to rapid economic growth in recent years, providing new connections to 2.86 crore households and increase in hours of supply from 12.5 hours in 2014-15 to 20.6 hours in 2022-23 in rural areas , and the supply in urban areas is 23.8 hours, he said.

Thus, the total capacity under construction including thermal, renewable, hydro and nuclear stands at 1,32,148.5 MW.

The total capacity addition by 2031-32 is likely to be 4,64,124 MW, Singh said.

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