OpenAI Looking To Secure Additional Funding From Microsoft

Sam Altman stated that his company's collaboration with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was "working really well"
Sam Altman, OpenAI's CEO
Sam Altman, OpenAI's CEOGetty Images

As Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI and creator of ChatGPT, moves forward with his goal of developing artificial general intelligence, or computer software as intelligent as humans, the company intends to obtain additional financial support from Microsoft, its largest investor.

In a Financial Times interview, Altman stated that his company's collaboration with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was "working really well" and that, among other investors, he anticipated "raising a lot more over time" from the tech behemoth to meet the exorbitant costs associated with developing increasingly complex AI models.

According to people familiar with the discussions, Microsoft invested $10 billion in OpenAI earlier this year as part of a 'multiyear' arrangement that valued the San Francisco-based startup at $29 billion.

When asked if Microsoft planned to make more investments, Altman responded, "I'd hope so." "There's a lot of compute to build out between here and AGI. Training expenses are just huge," he continued.

Without giving specifics, Altman stated that "revenue growth had been good this year" and that "training costs had kept the company unprofitable." However, he claimed that the Microsoft alliance would guarantee "that we both profit from each other's success and everybody is content."

OpenAI presented a series of new tools and improvements to its current GPT-4 for developers and companies at a presentation on November 6 that was attended by Nadella, in the most recent indication of how the company plans to construct a business model on top of ChatGPT.

The tools include a GPT Store, or marketplace of the finest apps, and customised versions of ChatGPT that may be adjusted and customised for certain applications. The ultimate goal is to share profits in an Apple App Store-style business model with the most well-known GPT producers.

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